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This Outfit Definitely Breaks Gender Roles For Clothing


This Outfit Definitely Breaks Gender Roles For Clothing

Romper for who?

Now look, we know trends come and go in the fashion world, but this one we’re not so sure about.

Summertime is definitely upon us, which means shorts, tanks, rompers, and sandals.

Those clothing items sound just about right for both men and women, but some may question one… rompers.

Yes, men’s rompers are the newest trend to hit the streets in menswear.

While yes, the trend is only a Kickstarter, could this be a new wave of clothes?

RompHim is what the brand that came out with the trend is calling it. The romper is actually perfect for summer.

In fact, these days we are privileged to live in a world where gender roles are obsolete making this trend 100% ay-ok.

According to the looks on the website, the RompHim is designed to be close to what a man actually wears.

However, what makes this different, is that it is all connected into one piece.

The classic button up shirt and zip up pocket shorts are being combined into one for the ultimate man onesie.

This campaign has a goal of $10,000, which they surprisingly surpassed with a total of $125,239 pledges. 

Now look at the rompers below and let us know if this is the next outfit you and bae will be matching in!

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