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Military Branches Ban Sharing Nudes Without Consent


Military Branches Ban Sharing Nudes Without Consent

The Navy and Marines have placed a ban that will prohibit sharing nude photos without the individual’s consent.

As reported by CNN, the military branches distributed admendments that will protect the privacy of the individuals involved. The regulation will be treated as a court order if it is violated. The ban was created after female service member’s photos were distributed and uploaded on different websites.

A Pentagon official released a statement in regards to the ban:

“It is a call to arms in the wake of recent reports of unprofessional and inappropriate social media behavior by some who have lost sight of that most fundamental purpose they themselves are duty-bound to serve.”

A new law regarding social media was signed by Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Robert Neller to enforce unlawful conduct in regards to sexual harassment. The law ensures that sexual harassment via social media will be treated the same as sexual harassment during service.


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