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Mom Records Hilarious Video Hiding From “Fancy” Moms At Daughters Bus Stop



Mom Records Hilarious Video Hiding From “Fancy” Moms At Daughters Bus Stop

Mom hides from “fancy” mothers while wearing a bonnet at daughter bus stop!

Who ever said that wearing your bonnet was not fancy enough for other moms at the bus stop?

Well, one mom thinks that it is not as she posts a hilarious video hiding from other parents.

Nicole Walters who as of three years ago adopted three young girls ages 6, 15 and 18 is fairly new to parenting.

So when she took to Facebook earlier today to post a hilarious video it went viral with 136,000 views and 45,000 likes.

Walters posted a video while she walks her kindergartner to the bus stop among the “fancy” moms in her neighborhood.

In the video, we see Walters in a hair bonnet and a T-shirt saying, “whiff test, we’re not faking the funk. I haven’t showered yet. All I did was wash my face and brush my teeth because, real life —  don’t judge me.”

Keeping it true to who she is when she wakes up, she calls her parenting style a “functional hot mess.”

She continues to explain in the video that her daughter is attending a school in a “razzle dazzle” neighborhood.

However, by doing so, walking her girl to the bus stop has been a “traumatic” experience.

While looking out the window, she talks about the other parents saying, “She’s so fancy … she’s skinny and she wears tennis clothes and a visor every day … she kisses her kids on the top of their head … she’s just so good at life.”

In today’s day and age, fitting in seems to be a thing that many people want to do.

However, as Walters says, “inside, we all want to be this mom, wearing size zero leggings and carrying our coffee,”

She continues, “I just wish mothers like her would share their secrets or their vulnerability — show up with a messy bun and an eyelash stuck to your face, so we can all feel better.”

Take a look at Walters and her family below and let us know what you think!

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