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I Need This Money! City Employee Stole $100K From Job To Pay For A Brazilian Butt Lift

Lady gets fired for stealing $100K for Brazilian butt lift


I Need This Money! City Employee Stole $100K From Job To Pay For A Brazilian Butt Lift

A former Gainesville, Florida city employee has been charged with stealing over $100,000 of the funds from a municipal government account.

However, the worker, who has been identified as Natwaina Clark, 33, has committed several different crimes. According to, this incident has made a total of 177 of the illegal purchases Clark has made with the cities funds. She used $10,000 of the money to go towards paying for her Brazilian butt lift.

An investigative report noticed that the former city staff specialist was using her city-issued credit card over 136 times. She was spending around $61,000 in charges that were unauthorized. Clark also used her bosses’ credit card at least another 36 times, along with a coworker’s card an additional five times between the dates of November 2015 and March 2017.

The revelations didn’t stop there.

Investigators also found that Clark was funneling over $40,000 to her personal PayPal account. That account happened to be linked to her bank account.

According to investigators, Clark was considered a great employee that would have had the potential to gain numerous promotions if she hadn’t stolen from the company for a butt lift, ultimately resulting in her getting fired.

In addition, the cost records showed that Clark paid $2,413 to Cox Communications. She also spent $1,011 at CVS, $739 at Sam’s Club for food items and $680 to her personal Sun Pass account. But it doesn’t stop there. Clark even bought a large sized TV for her home.

Clark, whose salary was $33,500, was terminated from her position while on a cruise. She has been arrested and charged with larceny and scheme to defraud; both are considered felonies.

These butt lifts seem to cause numerous problems around the world. These probelms include a woman who died getting a lift, and celebrities like Tami Roman, who regret even getting one.

Clark has since been charged with seven felonies in relation to that scam alone.

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