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Netflix’s ‘Sense8’ Stars, Tina Desai & Max Riemelt, Dish On Show’s Powerful Meaning In uInterview Video Exclusive


Netflix’s ‘Sense8’ Stars, Tina Desai & Max Riemelt, Dish On Show’s Powerful Meaning In uInterview Video Exclusive

Have you checked out this latest Netflix series that should hit your must-watch list? It’s called Sense8; and if you haven’t, no worries!

uInterview caught up with two of the show’s stars, Tina Desai and Max Riemelt; who gave an exclusive look into the deep meaning behind the series and their roles.

Sense8, whose second season premiered on May 5, is an original Netflix series produced by the The Matrix creators. Lana and Lilly Wachowski, which uInterview explains, “follows a group of people who discover they have special powers; and are subsequently hunted because of them. The show has been described as ‘a celebration of the human experience.”

Riemel, who plays Wolfgang Bogdanow, further details his theories behind the Netflix original.

“I think the message is that we all have the potential in us just about the perspective or the goodwill sometimes to see certain things, to just accept certain things, and don’t think and categorize. You know, like when you label too many things you make it too easy for yourself. The world is much more complex than we could ever understand, and I think the show represents it so well.”

Desai, who plays Kala Dandekar, brushes on the writers’ choice to produce a series founded on technology and innovation in a modern world.

“I think the writers came up with this idea because of mobile phones and how it connects all of us even though we’re all in different parts of the world, and they kind of took that a step forward and said what if it’s mental and not just technical. There’s this friend of mine, every time I go online and feel like sending him a text, he’s possibly sending me a message at the very same time, and I’m like, how? So sometimes you are connected to people like that, on a level that’s telepathic in a way.”

Furthermore, she adds:

“The writers were considering a more ideal situation where it’s not just on a surface level but something that’s far deeper. Something that can make more of an impact. And also, on the flip-side, we’re all disconnecting so much because of technology and because of distance that it would be nice if we’re a lot more connected. A lot more empathetic, and a lot more available for each other.”

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