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New Music: Wyclef Jean Releases New Song, The Ring


New Music: Wyclef Jean Releases New Song, The Ring

The hip hop legend and musical genius Wyclef Jean is back with new music off of his J’ouvert EP.

It’s been almost 7 years since Jean has released a record, and this song is all about winning, with his song titled, The Ring.

Wyclef raps about being at the top of his career when he stepped down to take a break saying, “I left at the height of my career. I’m coming back. It’s like I’m starting all over again. It don’t matter what I did before, man. It’s the music business, man. You’re only as hot as your last hit. Everybody’s like, ‘Can he get another ring?’”

Throughout the song, the veteran rapper shouts out various songs and artists through anecdotal rhymes like “Me and Khaled, boy, we go way back,” raps ‘Clef. “So far back…Man, he had a 6-pack” speaking on snapchat kind Dj Khaled.

He also says, “That broccoli that Dram gave me got me moving slow mo” in reference to the song Broccoli by rapper Big Baby D.R.A.M.

Other artists he mentioned include, Tribe Called Quest, Big Pun, Wiz Khalifa, Fat Joe, Michael Jackson, and more.

In true Wyclef Jean fashion, he goes down the alphabet with some social, political, and historical commentary, including “STU,” which he says stands for a studio where he kills it in the booth.

J’ouvert is the forerunner to Wyclef’s anticipated album titled Carnival III: Road To Clefication that’s dropping next summer on the 20th anniversary of Wyclef’s critically acclaimed debut, The Carnival.

Wyclef has released other tracks from his upcoming EP, including I Swear feat. Young Thug and Life Matters.

You can check out the ring below, and let us know what you think!

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