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New Study Finds Surge in Cosmetic Surgery Among Millenials Influenced by Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner


New Study Finds Surge in Cosmetic Surgery Among Millenials Influenced by Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner

In a new generation of celebrity-obsessed and narcissism, cosmetic surgery is at an all time high being influenced by some very popular socialites.

According to Dailymail, a sharp rise in women aged 18-34 account for over 50% (53 to be exact) of cosmetic surgery across the US and UK.

Among the most popular requested procedures are lip augmentation, breast implants, and rhinoplasty (nose job). According to Dr. Dev Patel, having that ‘perfect’ selfie for Instagram and other social media outlets, young women are resorting to expensive surgery to obtain a ‘modelesque’ look.

Patel, a cosmetic doctor, says women between 18-25 have requested lip augmentation more than any other cosmetic surgery in the past couple of years–he believes is influenced by reality star, Kylie Jenner.

“This is thanks in large part to celebrities such as Kylie Jenner – who is often regarded as the poster girl for lip fillers.”

Women are striving to achieve these looks even if its ‘un-natural’ looking according to reports.

“‘Younger girls often want people to recognize that they have had their lips “done” and want an exaggerated pout; despite many experts (like me) explaining that this will often diminish rather than enhance their beauty,” Patel told

Patel credits the likes of Kim Kardashian notorious for her alleged procedures from botox, butt enhancement (which she has vehemently denied), breast implants and nose job.

This also applies to Botox. When you see women like Kim Kardashian showing no upper facial expression when she is crying on TV, it looks utterly ridiculous and suggests way too much Botox. However, because many look up to her as a style and beauty icon with an enormous social media presence, they can be led to believe that “too much” for them will also take them to a level of beauty like Kim’s.’

Feeling like you want to join the self-obsessed world and attain that ‘perfect’ selfie like Kim or Kylie? Make sure your pockets are ‘tight’ and you don’t miss a car payment or rent payment in doing so.

Here is a list of the average cost for the most popular requested procedures.

Lip Augmentation- ($500-$700)

Breast Augmentation- ($3200-$6000)

Rhinoplasty ($3200-$10,000)

Botox (by the Unit I.E $10/unit =$100 for ONE area of the face)


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