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Nike Takes Customization To A New Level



Nike Takes Customization To A New Level

Take Nike customization to a new level with these sneakers!

If you are a true Nike fan, you know the importance of having something that is custom to your liking.

Aside from the various Nike ID designs that are possible through the Nike website, there seemed to be little options.

Until now! Nike has come up with an all new way to give sneaker enthusiasts a real feel of customization.

If you have been snooping around Nike news, you have seen the pair of Nike sock sneakers.

While yes, at first glance, they just look like new technology, like the Flyknits, they are far from that.

However, this shoe features the Aqua Sock and Sock Racer design with a Flyknit upper, suede on the heel, and a Free-inspired outsole.

This shoe also features a blank canvas and is missing the iconic big check mark across the side of the shoe.

Why, you may ask? To leave room for creators to create their custom designs.

It was reported that designers could not decide where to place the swoosh and what colors to make it, which is when the idea of the DIY Nike Gakou Flyknit sneakers came into play.

This is the first time ever that Nike will be supplying a DIY stencil kit with every purchase to let your creativity soar.

There is no price on these sneakers yet, but they are expected to be released on August 24th.

Take a look at how the sneakers come and let us know if you plan on customizing your very own.

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