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Oprah Winfrey Named New “Special Contributor” to CBS News’ 60 Minutes


Oprah Winfrey Named New “Special Contributor” to CBS News’ 60 Minutes


If you have been missing Oprah Winfrey or wondering what she has been up to, don’t worry, she is still working!

Reportedly, CBS News announced Tuesday that Oprah will be joining CBS News Magazine’s “60 Minutes” as a special contributor. The amazing talk show host, actress, and cable network owner will appear in several of the segments that will air throughout the year on the program starting this Fall.

Winfrey released a statement saying, “I’ve been a big admirer of ‘60 Minutes’ since my days as a young reporter, I’m so excited and proud to join forces with this historic news program, which for me represents the bastion of journalistic storytelling.”

Although Winfrey is currently not working as a journalist, this will be the first time in the program’s history that “60 Minutes” has had a special contributor. Winfrey plans to add a unique value to “60 Minutes.”

In the past two years, the show has lost Bob Simon and Morley Safer, who were two of the show’s signature correspondents. Even now, being in its 49th season, “60 Minutes” still remains the top-rated news program on television. The show averages around 14 million viewers a week.

Winfrey has been seen on television lately promoting the weight-loss brand ‘Weight-Watchers.’ But if you expect to see any of the commercials aired on CBS during “60 Minutes,” think again.

Executive Producer of “60 Minutes,” Jeff Fager, released a statement saying, “It’s standard practice at serious TV news organizations that anchors and correspondents do not appear in commercials as product endorsers.”

He continued:

“Oprah is a dignified and discerning individual whose integrity is unquestioned, like everyone else who works with us on ‘60 Minutes,’ she would never do anything with even the appearance of a conflict.”

Winfrey actually has been building a relationship with CBS for many years now, so them giving her this show is only fitting. She has made frequent appearances on “CBS This Morning,” alongside best friend Gayle King, who is a co-anchor for the show. CBS also carried Winfrey’s hour-long interview with then-First Lady Michelle Obama back in December. The interview aired on CBS before it ran on OWN.

Oprah will make her comeback on television this Fall on the CBS Network.

How many of you Socialites are excited to see Oprah Winfrey back on television? Leave your comments below.

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