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Police Raided Lil Wayne’s Miami Mansion And Seized Millions In Artwork


Police Raided Lil Wayne’s Miami Mansion And Seized Millions In Artwork

On Tuesday, Lil Wayne entertained some company at his Miami mansion. Miami-Dade County Sheriffs conducted a raid after receiving an order to seize his property to pay off a $2 million judgement. Back in September, Weezy lost a lawsuit to Signature Group, a company that leases private jets, and the company came calling for that dough. But, according to TMZ, Wayne won’t be paying that hefty fee in cash money.

See what I did there?

We’re told Wayne has $30 million worth of art in the mansion, and cops took some of the pieces.

Our sources say cops brought along someone who valued the items inside the house so they could figure out what to seize.

In addition to the artwork, deputies seized several plaques. Let’s not hope the wall jewelry he received for “Tha Carter” albums weren’t on the list. While a seizure is never good news, look at it like this: Lil Wayne is paying off private jet fees with artwork. Because private jets cost that much and all that. I imagine that Wayne won’t let this take him away from No Ceilings 2, because that 2M isn’t a thang when you can flip money like this:


In addition to the news, Wayne tweeted out some thoughts.

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