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R. Kelly’s ‘Huff Post Live’ Q&A Went Really REALLY Bad


R. Kelly’s ‘Huff Post Live’ Q&A Went Really REALLY Bad

For his latest release, The Buffet, R.Kelly decided to try an online interaction with his fans via Huff Post Live and…yeah…it didn’t end well. I’m pretty sure Kells and his handlers thought the bright lights of Huff Post would filter out those pesky child molestation questions, but Unfortunately for him, host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani was inundated with so many questions about the allegations that they definitely crept their way into conversation.

Yeah, Kells wasn’t here for it.

So, we can curse on this TV show? I say f*ck that! I say that I have a lot of fans around the world that love R. Kelly, and that I’m glad they don’t feel the same way she do. You can’t satisfy everybody.

Modarressy-Tehrani tried again to address the allegations, and again Kelly’s ‘nah’ game was strong, because that elephant in the room is totally not something he’s willing to address.

I’m a man that believes what I see, and everywhere I been […], I get nothing but love. If I heard what you just said when I step on that stage, from 20-50,000 fans, I’ll never show up to that venue or any other venue. I’m not perfect, but I’m perfectly me.

After that, things just went from bad to worse so quick that you should probably just watch it all below.

Props to Modarressy-Tehrani for keeping her cool and still promoting Kells’ album like a professional champ.

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