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Reality Recap: Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Episode 2


Reality Recap: Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Episode 2

In case you missed Love & Hip Hop Hollywood last night don’t worry I got you!

The world has been waiting to see if Lil Fizz was going to make his season 2 debut in Nikka Murdaris’s bed or in a courtroom with Moniece but neither happened – he’s single! He meets up with Souljaboy who happens to be in the same building as him and the two begin to talk about love in the club, after party, and on tour.

When asked if Souljaboy is faithful to Nia he says she’s the main girl but she understands the life of being on the road and that he has “road treats!” Now where in the Sesame Street world did he come up with that term?! (taking notes Soulja!)

We then switch to the love triangle between Princess Love, Ray J, and Teairra Mari. Now I have no clue why Princess would befriend the ex of her ex, but she does and from the immediate looks of things betrayal is soon to come. Ray shows up to the house with Princess on her way out to meet Teairra dressed in a sexy blue silk dress. When the two start to talk about her going out Ray J insists on her changing her clothes.

Sidenote: this is Hollywood! If you’re stepping out for the night you’re going to be fly. Ladies, would you let your man tell you how to dress? Ok, I digress.

Princess kept pushing and left to meet up with Teairra who is definitely plotting some shady shit! Teairra begins baiting Princess into trusting her using their mutual experience with Ray as a worm that is surely going to get Princess hooked.

Two other storylines that involved commitment or the lack thereof last night was Miles and Milan and Moniece and Rich Dollaz.

Milan wants Miles to walk down the isle apparently but Mile’s ain’t having it. Torn between his fears of commitment and loyalty to his ex, Miles flakes on a dinner date with Milan leaving him home with Netflix and no chill. The disrespectful part is that Miles fails to show up because he’s with his ex! This would have been a Jerry Springer moment for sure!

Moniece is still talking about the sausage! This episode she’s begging for the “D” and a ring. Now, we love that Moniece is finally finding love but she’s trying to get Rich to move to California, move in her house, and move in her life permanently with marriage! It’s too soon!!! While we don’t know where this is heading we have to say her asking him to get a vasectomy would have been a dead end for me.

This week social media has been on fire with the drama between Nia Riley and new cast member Nastassia Smith. Nas posted a picture of her online with Nia’s baby in the background and Nia went OFF! With allegations of multiple sex partners, threesomes with some of Hollywood’s elite, and threats covering every type of ass whooping you can think of, Nia and Nas let the world know they are not friends. Well, now we know why!

Nas meets up with Nikki and Teairra to tell them that she’s sexually involved with Souljaboy. Because the world knows about Nia it almost looks as if she’s the road treat Soulja talked about in the opening of the show. But when Nia unexpectedly shows up at Nas’ bootcamp, the two immediately get into a fight with Nas being carried off (like, literally carried off by security) as she is screaming and yelling.

Nas clearly says that Nia has slept with a couple of her boyfriends so it’s unclear who is betraying who. But, in the world of tea and shade, everything said was fighting words.

The season 2 opener of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood premiered with 3.6 million viewers who are clearly here for all the madness this cast has to offer, and I’ll be here to recap each episode!

Tell us what you think about last nights show. Who was your favorite star of the show and who are you not really feeling?

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