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Reality Recap: Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 2 Sound Off [Video]


Reality Recap: Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 2 Sound Off [Video]

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 2 premiered last night on VH1 and the energy online from fans was crazy! With social media ablaze it was clear to me that fans were glued to their TV’s and somehow tweeting and facebooking their shocking reactions at the same damn time. After watching the show there is so much to react to so let’s jump right in! The show opens with Teairra Marie, Moniece, and Omarion’s baby mama Apryl chilling in Malibu catching up from where they all left off last season. To sum it up: Teairra has moved on from Ray J, Moniece is in love with another man, and Apryl ain’t got the ‘D’ from Omarion in a minute!

In an effort to bring the group closer, Apryl invites all of the ladies to a day of pampering and yes that included Teairra’s arch enemy Princess Love. The two of them were caught in a love triangle last season and trust me when I tell you, the two got right into it.

In a shocking twist, Princess and Teairra open up to one another and share a connection they’ve never had. In a comforting moment that might be as heartfelt as Mimi and Joseline’s reconciliation during the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion, both women seem to bond over one common problem in their lives – Ray J!

With all of that going on you’d think that would be all there is to talk about but it’s not even the half!

Moniece returns and she’s all about the sausage! Once she picks up Rich Dollaz from the airport it’s like she was feening for the meat before it even boarded the plane. The two share public affection as if his probation was revoked and she was never going to see him again. This love affair is going to be an interesting one to watch.

But what had everyone talking last night was the relationship between Milan Christopher and Miles Brock. The two seem to be caught in an interesting dynamic with soon to be fan favorite Amber Laura aka Fabb Abb. All three are pursuing their music careers and some sort of relationship with each other. Milan wants Miles to commit, Miles wants Milan but doesn’t want to commit, and Amber wants Miles…who is gay. Although Amber wasn’t aware of Miles’ secret, we expect nothing but fireworks as the story line unravels.

What was interesting to me was how mean social media was to the sensitivity around homosexuality in hip hop. Stereotypes and all kinds of words were thrown around to cloud a very real subject – that homosexuals do exist in the hip hop community. This is sure to be a topic that fans will struggle to accept throughout the season but one thing for sure, it’s here.

Get ready for an amazing season and keep coming back for updates!


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