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Reality Recap: Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 2 Episode 5


Reality Recap: Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 2 Episode 5

Last nights episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood had so many twists and turns it felt like a yoga class! Let us break it down for you in case you missed it!

Remember earlier in the season Teairra Mari slithered her way into Princess Love’s life and became her friend. Well we all knew that wasn’t a genuine expression of girl power – TT was coming for the kingdom and last night her claws came out!

When confronted by Princess at a party on whether or not she informed Ray J about their trip to Las Vegas (where Princess’ ex Floyd Mayweather lives) Teairra admitted that she told Ray and even blamed Princess for being the fool to let her back in! An angry Princess who felt played and betrayed threw punches and the girls started swinging. If we saw correctly Moniece threw a drink on Princess so this should be an interesting development when Princess sees the playback!

Speaking of Moniece, her mother Marla enters the cast and is meeting Rich Dollaz for the first time. There seems to be so much tension between the two right out the gate. Marla has done her research on Rich (damn internet) and Rich feels some way about her. At one point the pettiness is so damn much between the two you’d think they had a relationship in the past!

Marla points out that she and Rich are peers due to the age proximity between him and her daughter – Jesus this was too much! Once Marla brought up the arrest for not paying child support we were delivered!

Miles and Milan are having relationship problems – again. In this episode Milan wants Miles to confront Amber and tell her about their relationship. This raises a very important question – why? Why should Miles have to tell Amber that he’s in a relationship with a man. If this was something Milan wanted him to do in order to help him gain comfort with who he is as a man then so be it. BUT, if Milan is forcing Miles to do this to prove his loyalty to him then that is a sign of insecurity. Either way, it’s good that both Miles and Milan are showing America that gay relationships go through the same challenges as others.

Last but certainly not least Nas and Nia have yet another show down and this time it was ugly!!!!!

Souljaboy has found himself in the middle of a love triangle and it was unclear if Soulja sees Nas as his girl or sidechick. Last night when Souljaboy brought Nia and Nas together to “clear up” whatever was going on between them, Nas brought something to the meeting with her too – RECEIPTS!

There is nothing like a good receipt when someone is trying to come for you and that is what Nas did. Nas shared text messages between her and Souljaboy and if we could freeze frame every shot of Nia’s face after reading them the meme community would have a field day!

It’s clear that Souljaboy has been playing Nia and sleeping around with Nas. After sharing the receipts the ladies do what women always do – they fight over the man! What’s crazy is that the common denominator got out of there unscathed, and both women now have even more bad blood!

Whew! Last night was just too much and yes, the preview showed my meet up with Brandi and Nicki Baby next week and lord social media is going to have a field day!

Tune in next Monday at 8pm on VH1 to see what happens next!

Photos/Video: VH1

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