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Scientist Explains Why Women Of Color Don’t Have Many Cosmetic Options


Scientist Explains Why Women Of Color Don’t Have Many Cosmetic Options

I mean, we can find traces of liquid on Mars, but can’t make a decent non-ashy foundation for deeper skin tones? Scientist Erica Douglas flat out tells it like it is on how this is even possible.

“When you’re mixing these types of colors together, often times yes, some of these colors do cost more than others, but so little color goes into some of these products. I don’t think it’s a matter of how much does it cost, or if darker colors are too expensive to put it in the market, it’s more so do you have the volume to justify making a large number of those products? I think it’s very easy, just as easy, to make foundations for women with lighter skin tones and darker skin tones it all comes down to a business decision as to how they’re going to do it and how they’re going to roll it out and what they’re going to make available and when. And so at that point I just always tell people: as a consumer, you create the demand and if your voice isn’t heard then these brands don’t know that we exist.”-Douglas

She is basically saying companies don’t spend the extra cash to go out and find the perfect shade for WOC, because we’re not making our pre$$$ence known in these retailers businesses. It’s very noticeable that hair companies are constantly involved with the WOC community, but why? Because we buy in large quantities and we voice the products that are beneficial to our hair textures, therefore, companies are eager to create and micro-create products to fit every curl pattern. If WOC of take the same approach from why we buy hair products to the way we purchase our make-up, there will most likely be a change in the industry.


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