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Shocking Revelations: Kidnap Victim Reveals Horrific Ordeal 27 Years Later


Shocking Revelations: Kidnap Victim Reveals Horrific Ordeal 27 Years Later

A woman who had been kidnapped and raped as a child reveals what happened to her 27 years later. Jennifer Schuett, who was only eight at the time, opens up about her horrific ordeal.

Jennifer was kidnapped by a stranger from her home in Dickinson, Texas in August 1990, before falling victim to violent rape and abuse.
The sadistic attacker, Dennis Earl Bradford, slit Jennifer’s throat and left her for dead in a field. Fortunately, she was found alive 14 hours later.

Despite her injuries, an eight-year-old Jennifer scribbled notes from her hospital bed in order to aid Police in capturing the assailant.

She wrote,
“He held a knife to my throat and said: ‘Am I scaring you, little girl? Am I scaring you?’ Then he choked me as hard as he could. I blacked out for a while,’

‘I woke up to him dragging me by my ankles. He dropped my legs. I realized I couldn’t scream and I couldn’t figure out why. I had just enough strength to throw my right hand on top of my neck. That’s when I felt this gaping wound.”


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Jennifer managed to describe the man to the Police in order to develop a sketch. Despite all the details, Police were unable to link anybody to the crime. That is, until two decades later in 2009, when DNA testing proved that Dennis Earl Bradford was the one responsible for the attack.




27 years have passed since the horrific crime, however, the traumatic ordeal is still very much alive for Jennifer. Her story will be aired as a dramatization on CBS 48 Hours, which is set to air on Saturday night.

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