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Singer Prince Was Found To Have Been Prescribed Opioids Under A False Name


Singer Prince Was Found To Have Been Prescribed Opioids Under A False Name

More information has surfaced surrounding the late pop singer Prince, that just will not let him rest in peace! The newest report is that Prince was prescribed opioid pills under a fake name by his doctor, Michael Schulenberg.

The Purple Rain singer tragically died almost a year ago, on April 21, at 57. He passed after an accidental Fentanyl overdose, and reports have revealed that the music legend’s home was loaded with a variety of pills that were prescribed to man named “Peter Bravestrong,” which is assumed to be the codename that Prince used to maintain his privacy.

According to law enforcement, they found bundles of bags, envelopes, and a suitcase that was filled with several different types of medication, and also contained the lyrics to his 1992 hit track “U Got The Look.”

However, Prince’s doctor, Schulenberg, has admitted to prescribing the singer Oxycodone, just moments before he reportedly overdosed on his private jet, which came almost one week preceding his death.

On the other hand, it has previously been reported the songwriter had predicted his own death and was even preparing for his final days.

Prince’s doctor is still under investigation, but we will update you with more information.

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