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Spotify Gets Hit With $150 Million Suit Over Unpaid Royalties



Spotify Gets Hit With $150 Million Suit Over Unpaid Royalties

When Taylor Swift turns on you, things go downhill real quick don’t they?

Spotify is experiencing just that as the streaming giant gets hit with a class action lawsuit over alleged unpaid royalties. The joint suit was filed by Camper Van Beethoven and Cracker founding member David Lowery yesterday (Monday, Dec. 28) in the Central District Court of California. According to Billboard, Lowery is seeking at least $150 million in damages against Spotify, alleging the service “knowingly, willingly, and unlawfully reproduces and distributes copyrighted compositions without obtaining mechanical licenses.”

In the complaint, Lowery says Spotify has unlawfully distributed copyrighted music compositions to more than 75 million users and failed to identify or locate the owners of those compositions for payment.

This suit arrives at an interesting time as Spotify recently issued a very public statement cementing their commitment to ensure that artists are getting a fair slice of the money pie. “Unfortunately, when it comes to publishing and songwriting royalties, especially in the United States, that’s easier said than done because the data necessary to confirm the appropriate rightsholder is often missing, wrong, or incomplete. We are committed to solving it, but it is going to take significant time and effort.”

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