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Steve Harvey Warns Snoop Dogg, Bow Wow, & T.I. Why They “Have To Respect The Office”


Steve Harvey Warns Snoop Dogg, Bow Wow, & T.I. Why They “Have To Respect The Office”

Steve Harvey is defending his friend, Donald Trump, against the attacks the President is receiving from the hip hop community.

Steve called out rappers Snoop Dogg, Bow Wow, and T.I. over Snoop’s new controversial video, where he assassinates a fake clown version of Trump, and received open support from both Bow Wow and T.I.

Following Bow Wow’s comments on “pimping out” First Lady Melania Trmup, and T.I.’s Instagram post in support of Snoop’s video, the comedian and talk show host took to his morning show to tell them they “have to respect the office”  of president Donald Trump.

According to Steve,

“The problem with all this is that there is an office in this country called the ‘president,’ and you have to respect the office. You really do. Whether you want to or not. You have to respect the office. They got laws.

I love Snoop. Bow Wow, always respectful and cordial with one another, me and T.I. I don’t have no problem with T.I. I love the dude. I’m just saying brothers be smart. You gotta be smart man. All y’all talking got money. You got money, man. You got money and they know how to go after that money. Just be smart, let me tell ya man, leave the first lady out of this. Y’all going down another path with these cats now. You start messing with they wives… I’ll tell y’all you going down another path.”

Listen to the full clip below.

Socialites, do you agree with Steve Harvey, or do you think he should be more supportive of the hip hop community?

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