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T.I. Apologized For His Comments On Hillary Clinton…Again


T.I. Apologized For His Comments On Hillary Clinton…Again

Earlier this week, rapper T.I. appeared on DJ Whoo Kid’s radio show and got himself into some pretty hot feminist water after issuing sexist (and downright archaic) remarks about Hillary Clinton’s presidential run. As soon as the comments began to make the rounds, T.I. posted an apology tweet in true I-was-hacked fashion.

The comments even made their way to Oprah, who dismissed T.I. as she would a child. According to the rapper, his PR team told him to “be quiet and just let this pass.” But, Clifford does what he wants. Tip took to the e-streets yet again to release a video apologizing once again. In the video, T.I. says:

“I apologize to the women I know and the women who know me, my mother, my wife, my daughters, my cousins, my nieces, my sisters, my aunties. I said some things that were insensitive and hurtful to women. I never intended to be taken as though I felt women couldn’t be leaders. That was not my intention. I know better than that. I know that my daughters, as well as your daughters can lead this nation, as well as any other nation as long as they apply themselves and educate themselves and motivate themselves to do so.”

Later in the video, he says, “This time, I reached for a joke that was in very poor taste using a stereotype associated to women that I should not have done. That is not a reflection of how I feel.”

It seems like some of the women in T.I.’s life made him second-guess his own comments and reflect on his stance. We’re definitely glad T.I. was big enough to recognize his wrongs and try to correct them immediately.

Via EW

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