Five Memes That Sum Up Christmas As An Adult

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Tomorrow is Christmas and as an adult, Christmas can be seen as a joyous occasion or just another day to get by. However you celebrate the holiday, these memes perfectly sum up how Christmas feels like as an adult. Being able to leave from work because tomorrow is Christmas Eve: A video posted by Funny …


Top Five Social Media Reactions To Clowns Randomly Appearing In The US

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With Halloween steadily approaching us, we’ve noticed that there has been a rise of clowns appearing in the streets of different neighborhoods during the nighttime. Although many have speculated that the clowns may be appearing as a promotion for the remake of Stephen King’s It, people are not exactly enjoying the clown appearances. 1. Now …


North Carolina Male Shot Dead By Police; Day After Shooting of Terence Crutcher

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(Photocredits: @joeBrunoWSOC9) Just a day after Terrence Crutcher was killed by police, another man was shot and killed by a Charlotte police officer in city’s University Park neighborhood. Police officers were searching for a suspect with an outstanding warrant when they saw a man inside a vehicle. Police claim that the man got out of …


Jennifer Lopez Will Star In New HBO Biopic About Drug Queen Pin Griselda Blanco

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The multimedia maven continues to take over the silver screen as Jennifer Lopez takes on another challenging role. This time, she will be starring in a biopic about the most powerful drug lord in history, Griselda Blanco. Blanco has been referenced many times in music and documentaries as a sort of pop culture icon. She …


50 Cent Agrees To Give Rick Ross’ Baby Mama $6 Million out of the $7 Million Dollar Judgement

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50 Cent may have seen the light and agreed to give Rick Ross’ baby mama the money she won over a sextape he released a few years back. 50 Cent, born Curtis Jackson, has proposed to hand over $6 million to Lastonia Leviston out of the $7 million sex tape judgment as part of his …


James Harden Accused Of Breaking The Finger Of A Photographer

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A photog in Los Angeles has accused Houston Rocket’s James Harden of breaking his finger after grilling him about his opinion on Donald Trump outside of a lounge in Hollywood. According to the TMZ, the photographer claims he asked Harden about Trump and that’s when Harden allegedly blacked out, pushing the camera and ultimately breaking …


Is Lebron James’ Lifetime Deal With Nike Really Worth $1 Billion?

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Join the Winning Team..the LeBron James Winning team. LeBron James signed a lifetime contract with Nike last year in December. Initially it was reported that the deal was worth upwards of $500 million. Now, in an interview for the debut issue of GQ Style, James’ business manager, Maverick Carter, is seemingly confirming that the lifetime …


Prince: Family Fighting Over TV Special For Late Sibling

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Prince’s siblings are now feuding over how to market their late brother Prince and.. to make coins in the process. TMZ reports that more than a dozen lawyers representing Prince’s 6 siblings have been at each other’s throats, competing for ways to get money for their clients. Sources for TMZ says 3 and possibly 4 …


Polls Show That Sanders May Have A Better Chance Of Beating Trump Over Clinton

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Recent polls have indicated that Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders holds a much higher chance at defeating Donald Trump, the GOP Front runner, in an election than Hillary Clinton, although Clinton is the Democratic party’s front-runner. The Reuters news agency, RealClearPolitics, is indicating that Sanders would have the upperhand in the battle for the White …


More Money, More Problems: Foreclosure Edition starring Lil Kim and Juelz Santana

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Times is hard for everybody, even your favorite celebrities, such as Lil Kim and Juelz Santana. It is being reported that the Dipset rapper Julez Santana recently lost his New Jersey Condo to foreclosure and it will be sold at a sheriff’s sale. Santana, born LaRon Louis James, is in the hole for almost $700,000 …


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