Top 5 Facial Treatments to Get Into This Spring

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The new-year brings in a lot of resolutions that people keep up with for the first 90 days, some we can afford to let go and others can’t. Skin care is no exception. For those who have demanding careers and positions that require some of us to stay looking our best at all times, putting …


What Late Night Texting Can Do To a Child’s Brain

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A new study suggests that children who use electronic devices at night are losing sleep time and sleep quality. The study, published in JAMA Pediatrics, says there is a strong association between gadget use before bed and daytime sleepiness. Even children who did not use their devices in the bedroom reported sleep deprivation, possibly due …


Quick and Tasty Meal Prep Ideas for the Work Week

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Not only are we in the fall season, where we need to start purchasing warmer clothing, but the holiday season is approaching fast. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Years all require our bank accounts full attention. Well, a way for everyone to start saving more is to start spending less or at least …


Check Out Social Media’s Reactions To Apple’s Bluetooth Headset, AirPods

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We discussed the possible rumors that surrounded the iPhone 7. Now we have confirmation that the iPhone 7 will have these wireless headphones called AirPods. The AirPods start at the price of $159. Social media did not react well to the AirPod and here are the funniest reactions to the AirPod. 1. That price though? …


Five Rumors About The iPhone 7 Release Tomorrow

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Apple has been sending consumers on the edge with rumors of the iPhone 7 changing the way we use our mobile phones. From headphone jacks removed to water resistant, here are five facts about the iPhone 7. 1. There will be no more lightening cable port. Apparently the iPhone 7 will also charge without the …


Amy Schumer has a Sheer Moment on the Cover of Marie Claire

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The no holds-barred comedian Amy Schumer, has a major sheer moment on the August cover of Marie Claire. With a slight smile, looking away from the camera, Schumer wears a black lace bodysuit with an open zipper and winged eyeliner. In her interview with the magazine, the comedian gets candid about being in love with …


Popular Adult Site Pornhub Releases A Fitness App Called BangFit

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Photo Source:BangFit Pornhub wants to make you a healthier and sexier you! BangFit is the new innovative workout application that is based on sexercise. The app is similar to a multiplayer game as you can play as a single player, two player, or three players. After choosing your player, the app proceeds to have different …


5 Perks To Having A Sibling!

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Photo Source: It’s National Siblings Day and everyone is honoring their siblings by posting pictures whether they are throwbacks or even recent flicks. We wanted to list the advantages of having siblings! 1. You Will Have Someone To Talk To In Your Time Of Need. Our siblings are the people we see the most …


5 Reasons Why You’re Still Stuck on Your Ex

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We’ve all been through breakups and If there is one thing we can agree on its this, They Suck!! But, despite the possible pain, regrets, self doubt and confusion your bound to temporarily feel the truth is it gets better and If you choose to see it you’ll realize there’s a lesson to be learned …


Why Faking It Till You Make It Does Not Work!

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Admittedly we all want to live in the life of luxury. Some people however like to risk it all just to prove that they are living a lavish lifestyle. The problem with faking it till you make it is that you will bring yourself into debt. This is the issue for people in their 20s …


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