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Teen Girl Declared Brain Dead After Tonsil Removal Three Years Ago Could Be Alive


Teen Girl Declared Brain Dead After Tonsil Removal Three Years Ago Could Be Alive

A young girl who was declared brain dead could actually be alive and a lawsuit could be in the works.

Three years ago, the world was introduced to Jahi McMath who slipped into a coma after a routine tonsil removal.

Months later, doctors had informed her family that they would possibly lose the then 13-year-old. At that point in time she was in a vegetative state and declared brain dead.

This case is now moving forward to a jury who could award the family with over $250,000 for medical malpractice.

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Jahi’s case has been at the center of national debate over brain death since her mother refused to remove her from life support in December 2013.

While she is still on life support, sadly doctors say she had irreversible brain damage from a lack of oxygen and suffered cardiac arrest. Even more shocking, a coroner signed a death certificate the following month.

The California family has moved to New Jersey where Jahi is hooked up to ventilators and tubes as the facility they are at accommodates religions that don’t recognize brain death.

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A few months back video surfaced of the teen twitching her toes and fingers which some said is possible even if a person is brain dead.

Dr. Alan Shewmon a retired neurologist said in court documents filed in July that videos recorded by McMath’s family from 2014 to 2016 showed the teen was still alive.

As the case approached a jury in the lawsuit against the hospital that performed the surgery we will keep you updated.

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Take a look at pictures of the young girl before and after.

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