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5 Things You Should Avoid Texting A Guy


5 Things You Should Avoid Texting A Guy

Somethings are not better “sent through a text.”

Are you the type that will type out a long text filled with emotions, exclamations  and an overwhelming amount of emojis? Or are you more of a “I’d rather read his response then to hear it?” Well, ladies truth is, he really doesn’t care to read lengthy mushy text messages. In fact, it’s often times the quickest way to get left on “read” or the infamous “K” reply. I’m going to #unlock the top five text messages you should avoid texting guys.



1. “I Missed My Period!”

Let’s face it; men HATE anything surrounding a woman’s “time of the month.” From the time it comes to the panic of missing mother nature’s call, it can be a turn-off or the scare of their life! This question is one that should never send to a guy through text message. If you suspect that there is a chance that Aunt Flow has skipped town and three trimesters of baby growth has arrived; just have a face-to-face conversation.


2. ” Where Do We Stand?”

If you have to ask, “Where your relationship stands” or “Where do you see this going?” then chances are, you already know they answer and you’re really looking for confirmation from him. Relationship questions should always be avoided through text. This type of question deserves face-to face conversation. This way you can see the emotion, body language and hear the tone of his voice. The truth will not be able to hide.



3. “We Need To Talk”

OMG! This question is a red flag for guys! I mean nothing send them on high alert more than the “we need to talk line” and will have you left on “read,” and if he just so happens to respond  saying, “about what?” He’s fishing and trying to plan his next move. Don’t be surprised if your next message is left on “Read” or just ignored altogether.


4.”Are You Ignoring Me?”

This question can be a big pet peeve for men. If you send a text and haven’t received a reply back, don’t freak out or jump to the conclusion that, “he might be around someone else.” Men also have lives like us women you know? However, if the signs are clear that he’s ignoring you, i.e., your text was sent at 2:56 and he posted to IG 20 minutes ago, leaving you to do the math. Then the worst thing you can do is call him out on it. Just relax and play it cool and once he comes around, (they always do), then you decided whether you want to reply or not.


5. “Where Are You?”

Ladies, we’ve all waited hmmm… 18 +years to finally stop answering to our mom’s infamous question, “Where are you?” so, the last thing he wants is for his girlfriend to ask. Besides, once you start to ask, “Where are you?” it often leads to the rest of the 4 “W’s,” you know, Who, What, and When. Once this pattern starts just know you’ve officially become the “nagging/motherly/insecure girlfriend,” (Not necessarily in that order.)



Like they say, “boys just want to have fun” so let him, besides what’s done in the dark always comes to light.


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