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The Evolution Of Kylie Jenner’s Hair Colors


The Evolution Of Kylie Jenner’s Hair Colors

Love her or hate her, Kylie Jenner is definitely a trend setter.

From her lip kit collection to her own look that catches the eye, Jenner has made a name for herself outside of her famous family ties to the Kardashian crew.

Regardless, Jenner has always had one staple item that is always one to look at, and no we’re not talking her lips or her hips, we’re talking about her hair.

Her hairstylist, Tokyo Styles, always seems to lace Jenner with amazing looks, from short cuts to platinum blonde.

Being that it is Coachella season, you should already expect Jenner to rock some great hair in a great color.

Right now, Jenner is seen rocking lavender hair for the yearly festival, which just happens to also transition over into Easter weekend.

So the pastel purple color is one that works out perfect.



A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

But before she went purple, she wore a fabulous highlighter yellow color that, of course, should only ever be attempted with professional help.


highlighter hair ?

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Aside from Kylie attempting science experiments with her hair color, her famous sisters also get in on the action, especially Kim.

Take a look below at the various colors that Jenner has put in her hair, and let us know which look is your favorite!

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