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‘The Man in The Mirror’- Jussie Smollett Covers Bleu Mag! Dishes On Similarities Between Jussie and Jamal.


‘The Man in The Mirror’- Jussie Smollett Covers Bleu Mag! Dishes On Similarities Between Jussie and Jamal.


Empire breakout star Jussie Smollett is on the cover of the brand new issue of Bleu Mag! Inside the issue the star is dishing on how it feels to finally live out his dreams. From early years of acting at the young age of six, the thirty one year old finally got his big break- and boy was it worth the wait! “I feel really, really blessed. I thank God so much that I’m in this position right now. It’s been a lesson in patience and hard work. I never had a plan B.” Not only is he a star on the highest rated scripted series on network TV in the last ten years, but he also just snagged a record deal with Columbia records! Now there’s not a red carpet that you won’t find him on (most likely decked out in head to toe Calvin Klein). Still very much humble, his advice to those still fighting for their dreams is simple- “Don’t just sit and pray and not do anything, because God helps those who help themselves. Don’t just work and not pray. Believe in something – whether it’s the universe, your God or Janet Jackson. Whatever you believe in, believe in it fully and know that it’s going to be all right”.

As for the relationship between himself and Jamal Lyon he states “I’m bouncing back and forth with this character and it’s almost like–I’m sure this will sound a little strange from an outsider looking in– I’m having a friendship with this person who does not realistically exist. I’m almost able to have conversations with myself about the pieces of me that are all the way me, and the pieces of me that are Jamal. To find ways for these two people to bleed together has been very freeing for me. I don’t hide behind [Jamal], but he is in a place I’d like to be–-it’s scary, but it’s also freeing.”

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