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This Is Why Jay Z Is Being Sued for $18 Million


This Is Why Jay Z Is Being Sued for $18 Million


Jay Z is taking his talents to the eau de parfum world, but his new investment may cost him more than it’s worth. According to a law suit filed by Parlux Fragrances, the Jay Z touted ‘GOLD’ fragrance – which the rapper dropped in 2013 – hasn’t been the money maker it was hoped to be because the rapper hasn’t endorsed the product.

According to an article written by the New York Daily News, the fragrance company is suing Jay Z for $18 million due to a significant drop in sales after he stopped promoting the brand. According to the suit, Gold was the best selling celebrity fragrance after its debut, but last year sales declined from a projected $35 million to $6.1 million. So, the company is asking for $16 million in damages in addition to the return of the $2 million in royalties he collected.

The court papers also note Jay Z’s refusal to appear on talk shows and other promotional media outlets in promotion of the product. He also reportedly rejected prototypes for an 18-carat gold capped bottle designed by Jacob the Jeweler, which cost $20,000 each to make.

Dis tew much. Literally.

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