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This New Body Scrub Will Have You Wanting More


This New Body Scrub Will Have You Wanting More

Makeup styles continue to evolve, as more products are being added into every makeup lover’s daily routine.

From contouring and highlighting to a trend that came and went, strobing, there is always something new.

But this new trend does not actually incorporate makeup going on your face. Rather, it takes two components and merges them into one.

Highlighting and body scrubs have joined into one to create a highlighting scrub that will leave your skin not only nice and smooth, but also gives you a beautiful glow in the process.

Popular body scrub brand Frank Body is gearing to release his Shimmer Scrub on May 1st. While that name might not sound familiar, the brand’s products definitely are.

One of the more popular scrubs that has been featured on the companies Instagram is the coffee scrub, which exfoliates, moisturizes, and firms the skin with the help of ingredients like mica powder, which leaves a subtle glow to the skin.

As for the newest product, which is going for the low cost of $20, the results so far look amazing.

Here’s how it works! After your regular shower, apply the scrub while still under the water. This ensures that the scrub is not just working on dry skin.

Once you have scrubbed the desired places to eliminate dead skin cells, you can rinse off the scrub, hop out of the shower, and pat dry your body. This technique will leave you with amazingly smooth skin and a good smell, but it will leave a slight glow, which is perfect for the upcoming summer season.

Check out the pictures below to see just how this product not only looks beautiful on your skin, but feels good too!

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