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This Same-Sex Dating App to Feature New Controversial Status Filter


This Same-Sex Dating App to Feature New Controversial Status Filter

A  popular dating app geared toward gay men, could feature a filter that has the net buzzing.

According to CNN, dating site Grindr received some major criticism for asking users to disclose their HIV status on their profile in a survey.

The survey stated:

What is your current HIV status?” and “How would you feel if Grindr allowed you to filter the guys you see by HIV status?”

A Grindr rep told CNN that the survey was to better understand its users needs and preferences.

“We have observed a significant increase in user profiles openly discussing their HIV status and test dates. Given that this has not been a part of our profile options to date, we are surveying users to determine both their desire to share this information, and ways to prevent stigma and provide proper support,” the statement said. “Sometimes this involves asking uncomfortable questions.”

Although this could be a good idea for people to know of their potential partners status in order to maintain sexual health, Ph.D. candidate, Daniel Reeders, who studies HIV stigma at Australian National University, says it can do more harm than good.

“Dating sites and apps shouldn’t ask for HIV status, because there’s no way to guarantee that privacy and safety will be protected for people who disclose they are positive,” Reeders said. “The harassment that ‘poz’ (HIV-positive) people face can be extreme, even though it’s from a small segment of the community. People already have the ability to disclose their status in their profile text, if they choose to do so.”

He also said that implementing an HIV filter does not guarantee a user to be honest with his status.

What do you think socialites? Is filtering a date of choice by HIV status a good idea?

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