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Three Wedding Trends To Try For Your Big Day


Three Wedding Trends To Try For Your Big Day

Spring is the prime time for a fabulous wedding to take place. With great weather and being close to Summer vacation and Spring Break, who wouldn’t live to get married in the upcoming months?

Below are three aspects that are important in every wedding that you should try for your big day!

Pretty Little Liars star Sasha Pieterse, who plays Alison DiLaurentis, will actually be saying her “I Do’s” later this year.

Although her big day is not until December, she is still getting ready for her wedding by trying these three spring wedding hairstyles that are perfect for any upcoming nuptials.

1. Hair

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This bride took advantage of the biggest musical weekend to celebrate her upcoming wedding by having her bachelorette party in a unique fashion.

Aisha Amjad decided to take her bridal party out to Coachella to have a major turn up one last time before her “I Do’s.”

Although this was very out of the box and unique, Amjad kept some traditions by having matching outfits, but with a Coachella twist.

Now, of course, everyone can’t take their bridal party to Coachella, but a music festival or something of this kind is a unique way to celebrate your final days as a non-married woman or man.

2. Unique Bridal Showers

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We all know that on the wedding day, a bride traditionally wears a white wedding dress that is stunning, in either a lace or silk fabric, or covered in diamonds and pearls.

These brides took an unconventional route by turning to a bohemian style for their ceremony dress.

But the dress is not the only thing that screamed unique bohemian style. Their accessories were not the average diamonds, and there were floral arrangements that looked stunning.

3. Dress selection

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