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Tinashe Talks New Music and Role Model Status With DAZED Magazine


Tinashe Talks New Music and Role Model Status With DAZED Magazine

Image via Sean and Seng for Dazed

Tinashe returns today on the cover of Dazed magazine’s newest issue. In the cover interview, Tinashe discusses everything from early inspirations (Britney Spears…Jeez I feel old) to working with industry heavyweights Dr. Luke and Max Martin on her new album, Joyride. Tinashe even touched on the reasoning for her album title:

“The best part of life for me is these new experiences. I want it to be exciting, I want it to keep you on your toes, I want people to not know what to expect. It’s the perfect title for this point in my life…I feel like I’m on a joyride all the time. It’s dangerous, it’s an adventure, it’s emotional.”

Tinashe also touches on her career moves and the pressures of being a role model for fans. “I don’t feel the need to be super-conservative in my choices or be a typical ‘role model’. I think I can influence girls to be independent – how to make their own decisions, how to go after their goals and not just sit around waiting to get married.”

Watch a behind-the-scenes video of Tinashe’s cover shoot below and read the full interview over at Dazed.

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