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Trey Songz Arrested in Detroit

Trey Songz December 2016 Mug Shot


Trey Songz Arrested in Detroit

Just days after video surfaced of Trey Songz being kicked out of MGM hotel in D.C., he’s once again in the spotlight. This time he’s the suspect, not the victim.

According to the Detroit news, Trey was arrested for malicious destruction of property and obstruction of justice, after he destroyed the stage because his mic was cut off.

During a performance at the Big Show at Joe Louis Aren, he was told that his time was up and that he needed to get off of the stage.

A fan captured his speech before everything went left, where he says:

“They say they gon’ cut my mic off ’cause I’m taking too much time, all I want to do is give you the best show I’m capable of giving. If they cut me off remember it, and text whoever you want to, and tweet whoever you want to and tell everybody about it. Because if a n***a cuts me off, I’m going the f**k crazy.”

He even took it to true Trey Songz form and made a song out of it singing, “gon’ do it, gon’ do it, cut me off” tempting the stage crew to shut his mic off.

As soon as the mic was disconnected, Trey went “the f**k crazy,” just like he promised.

He began to throw things off of the stage, ripping down backdrops, and even hitting a police officer in the head with a piece of equipment that was thrown, resulting in him be transported to the hospital.

The Detroit Police Department spokesperson Dan Donakowski said as soon as Trey’s mic was cut off, he became “upset and belligerent.”

Songz clearly has not had pleasant run-ins with the police lately. When he was kicked out of the MGM, he took to Snapchat, filming various videos saying, “F**k the police and f**k MGM.”

As of this morning (Dec. 29), Songz is still being held in a Detroit detention center.

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