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Tupac’s Look-a-Like Talks Comparisons and Familial Ties


Tupac’s Look-a-Like Talks Comparisons and Familial Ties

It’s gotta be pretty annoying to look like one of the most prolific musicians of all time, don’t you think? Well, it seems Demetrius Shipp Jr. is pretty familiar with comparisons to Tupac Shakur – so much that he was a shoe-in for the starring role in the upcoming Tupac biopic, All Eyez On Me.

TMZ recently caught up with the lead actor and picked his brain about his striking resemblance to one of music’s greatest poets. “I got called Pac all through high school,” says Shipp. “Jobs. I worked at Target, they would call me Pac. So…it ain’t nothing new.”

The rising actor also dropped a nugget about his family connection to Tupac. Shipp’s father happened to produce “Toss It Up” from Makaveli: The 7 Day Theory. Weird, right?

Aside from being a dead ringer for Afeni’s son, Demetrius seems to have a pretty cool demeanor to boot, which will be a must as he channels complex personality of Mr. Shakur.

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