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Twitter Is Not Here For Lonzo Ball And This Is Why


Twitter Is Not Here For Lonzo Ball And This Is Why

If you love a good pair os basketball sneakers whether it is on the court or for fashion, we’re pretty sure you will not like these.

Lonzo Ball, a UCLA basketball player who has made a major name for himself in the sports world, but his latest move has people giving him a major side eye.

Now were note expecting everyone to know about this kid, but just know he is good enough that he has the potential to be drafted into the NBA.

As most NBA players do, they release a shoe that has their fans standing in major lines for a pair.

Ball, who is still playing in college and has yet to even be drafted has just released his own shoe.

Now that’s not the problem at all!

The crazy part is the price that these shoes are going for. One pair of Lanzo Ball’s ZO2 shoes are going for $495 dollars.


Crazy right? Yah we thought so too.

Now we’re not hating on his hustle, however, players like LaBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, James Harden and so many more released their own pair of shoes which is half the price of the undrafted UCLA player.

According to The Washington Post she shoes, “may appear to be exactly the same as the Primes, but these limited edition pairs come resting on a mirror in an illuminated glass box and sport a fresh Lonzo Ball signature. Those cost $995.”

What makes this even crazier is the pair of slides that are retailing at $220 dollars.


In the 3 minute video above, Ball is giving us all the deets about his expensive priced shoes, but twitter users are not here for it.

Socialites have gone in about the design of the show saying that they are extremely similar to Kobe Bryants famous shoes.

Balls father, Lavar Ball is no stranger to media attention.

Last month, Lavar got into a conversation over the internet with LaBron James over comparing their two sons basketball capabilities.

Now he is at it again going to bat over the prices of his son’s shoes saying,

 long time ESPN analysis is also not here for the extreme price of Balls shoes tweeting out, 

Lavar was recently interviewed by ESPN radio where he was defending the outrageous price of his son’s shoe.

It’s safe to say that there is a major controversy surrounding these expensive basketball shoes coming from a player who has not even touched an NBA court.

If you’re down to spend money on these shoes let us know how they turn out!

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