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Twitter Page Exposes Nazis Participating In Charlottesville Protests


Twitter Page Exposes Nazis Participating In Charlottesville Protests

Black Twitter always comes through with the receipts, and these receipts are eye opening.

The Twitter Page @YesYouAreRacist urged their followers to expose Nazis and white supremacists participating in the Charlottesville protests:

Then came in the receipts, as each protestor was identified:

Photo: 1 of 6



In the era of social media, people tend to forget that the Internet can help or hurt you. Of course, people opposed the Twitter page for exposing the participants of the protest-turned-riot:

The twitter page is currently exposing more participants, so you can read their entire thread here.

Update: we reported that Joey Salads was a part of the exposure. He is in fact a popular youtuber who participates in social experiments. Watch his video below.

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