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Unlocked Music: Because You Should Know Sid Sriram


Unlocked Music: Because You Should Know Sid Sriram

I’ve been a fan of Sid Sriram (don’t worry – I can’t pronounce his last name either) and his musical stylings for quite awhile now. Sid has come a long way over the years and now, he seems prime for stardom. After working with A.R. Rahman and DJ Khalil, Sid seems to have evolved way past the Youtube covers that captured my heart and is now (finally) bringing more of his own sound to the table. And a glorious sound it is.

He’s been teasing an original project, entitled Insomniac Season, for some time now, and the video for “Moments of Weakness” gives us a glimpse into what we might expect when Sid drops that bomb in 2016. The DJ Khalil production is as spacey as it is haunting, with a surprisingly refreshing Indian influence laced in it’s belly. Sid, per usual, brings vocals that would make unicorns cry.

Watch the video up top and keep your eyes open for Sid – promise he’s a gem.

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