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Watch: Adele Says “Hello” Again With First Video In Three Years


Watch: Adele Says “Hello” Again With First Video In Three Years

After years of rumored release dates, one small 30 second commercial left everyone excited for a new Adele album. Since then, the British singer has been in the press more than she has been since her post-21 hiatus began three years ago with announcement that she will be releasing 25 this November. The real juice, though? Adele’s surprise release of the video for 25’s first single, “Hello.”

The Xavier Dolan-directed video has Adele in an old home that brings flashbacks of an old flame, portrayed by the homie Mack Wilds. As she revealed to Zane Lowe, “It’s not a groundbreaking video in terms of effects or dance moves, but it’s my best video, and I’m so proud of it.” Keeping with her decision to make 25 a “make-up record,” “Hello” has Adele apologizing to a past love for breaking their heart. The melancholy piano-fueled production enhances Adele’s remorse and will probably make you think of a certain someone. Don’t act like Adele doesn’t have that effect on you.

Once you’re finished watching the video, listen to the full interview with Lowe, where Adele reveals the process behind making 25 and why it may be the final album in reference to her age.

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