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Watch Hillary Clinton Hit Her Whip and Her Nae Nae on ‘Ellen’


Watch Hillary Clinton Hit Her Whip and Her Nae Nae on ‘Ellen’

When one is running for political office, especially for a job like the President of the United States, it’s important to connect with the people. If you’re Hillary Clinton, and the summer hasn’t been the greatest due to that whole email situation, what would you do? Take a swing at the nation’s hottest dance. Duh.

In between connecting with mothers and grandmothers everywhere with talk of her granddaughter, the former Secretary of State decided to show the kids how much she appreciates their votes by delivering an absolutely rhythm-less “whip” and “nae nae.” Say what you want about her dancing skills, but how many potential leaders of the free world would hop on national television knowing they’re about to embarrass themselves? You get my props Hillary!

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