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10 Shocking Things We Learned From K. Michelle’s Tell-All Interview


10 Shocking Things We Learned From K. Michelle’s Tell-All Interview

Singer/songwriter K. Michelle sat down with Hollywood Unlocked CEO Jason Lee in an extremely candid tell-all interview. The reality star spilled the unfiltered tea on her exes, her current relationship, her “Love & Hip Hop” costars, and more!

Here are the top 10 most shocking things we learned from the juicy interview.

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1. Actor Idris Alba gives great fellatio.

“Like amazing head. Oh, I remember that head.” K.Michelle declared.

2. Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson takes the cake for biggest…eggplant.

“I was like I want my walls. I want a husband. Like that thing looked like a baby coming out.” K.Michelle said.

3. The music industry isn’t about talent. It’s about how many people like you.

“[The industry is about] popularity, being whats trendy.”  the “Can’t Raise A Man” singer said.

4. K Michelle identifies with being bi-sexual.

“Yeah, I love women. Like ohh I be like a n*gga like ohhh like I love it.”

5. K Michelle, and her boyfriend initiated a three-some with singer Jhonni Blaze.

“She was thick I like her attitude. You know what I’m saying. She looks smooth. You know. I was flirting and I like her.

6. The artist still plans on having twins and is now meeting with a surrogate.

“I’m going to have twins once I pick a surrogate.”

7. Still suffering from butt shots. First surgery took 6 hours.

“Like right now I can still feel liquids moving in my body.” she revealed.

8. The songwriter has been quietly paying her fans’ bills.

“I pay two fans a month with no media. Two fans a month, because that’s just what I do.”

9. Isn’t beefing with Keyshia Cole. Still continues to support her music but doesn’t believe they can be close friends.

“We don’t dislike each other. When you have 2 girls that people try and compare I don’t think they could ever become best friends. You know what I’m saying because it’s always like what you doing?”

10. She believes R. Kelly helped save her and relied on her mother for support during the time she lived with him. When asked about his alleged sex cult, K. Michelle kept it tight-lipped.

“I’m like you saved me, I don’t want to kill you.” she stated.

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Click play below to watch part 1 and 2 of the juicy interview with K Michelle.


Image: Hollywood Unlocked

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