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10-Year-Old Rewarded For Returning Missing $900 To Owner

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10-Year-Old Rewarded For Returning Missing $900 To Owner

10-Year-Old Rewarded For Returning Missing $900 To Owner

A 10-year-old Alabama boy did something that most folks probably wouldn’t do; find a load of money and actually return it to its rightful owner.

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According to the New York Daily News, a mother named Parisa Dudley shared a Facebook post last week revealing that her son, Foster, discovered an envelope at a Target store in the town of Hoover. The envelope had a receipt from a credit union along with a woman’s name on it.

Dudley admitted that her son had asked her, “‘Mom, can we keep it?’ I looked at him and asked him to put himself in her shoes. What if he had lost that much money. How would he feel?” He quickly answered, “‘Mom, we have to find her and give it back.’”

Dudley and Foster managed to get in touch with the owner of the envelope, who was later identified as Verdina Ball. Thanks to the help of the store’s manager, they returned the money to her. Dudley even shared a series of photos showing her son meeting the woman.

Since Foster did the right thing, as a reward he got a $100 gift card to Target. Foster also received “a great lesson in integrity and empathy.”

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