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11 Of The Most Outrageous “Florida Man” Stories

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11 Of The Most Outrageous “Florida Man” Stories

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11 Of The Most Outrageous “Florida Man” Stories

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The Florida man has become a phenomenon that always gets himself into some sort of absurd situation, often committing a crime in the most outrageous manner. Over the years the number of insane ‘Florida Man’ stories have led us to believe that something just isn’t right about the water in Florida.

According to NPR, a Florida man story is defined as, “Almost anyone in the know could anecdotally tell you what makes a Florida Man article achieve peak Florida-ness – it usually has a laugh-out-loud headline, involves petty (although occasionally serious) crime, and often includes tropes that are more prominent in Florida than elsewhere (such as its heavy population of alligators or the fact that almost one-third of adult Floridians own a gun [according to Politifact] and about one-tenth of them are convicted felons.”

1 Florida Man Arrested After Attacking Girlfriend With McDonald’s Sweet & Sour Sauce

One Florida man was so upset with his girlfriend getting his McDonald’s order wrong that he pelted her with sweet & sour sauce packets.

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