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$120K Worth Of Tires & Rims Stolen From Louisiana Car Dealership

$120K Worth Of Tires & Rims Stolen From Louisiana Car Dealership


$120K Worth Of Tires & Rims Stolen From Louisiana Car Dealership

$120K Worth Of Rims/Tires Stolen From Louisiana Car Dealership

While arriving for a day’s work, a Matt Bowers Chevrolet dealership manager soon discovered that over $120,000 worth of tires and rims were stolen from the vehicles on his lot in Slidell, Louisiana; and now they’re offering $25,000 to bring the suspects to justice.

Additionally, the entire ordeal was caught on camera, showing two men running through the property around 3 a.m., stealing a total 124 tires and rims, and leaving behind nothing but lug nuts.

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In addition to noting that the same M.O. (modus operandi) was used as similar incidents occurring across the country, local police state, “They defeated locks, alarms, surveillance video, and went as far as to manipulate the exterior lights in the parking lot so they could work in the dark of the night, completely undetected.

Also, the dealership’s general manager Michael Cutshaw explains, “They are very selective on tires. They go for the 20s and 22s that are on cast aluminum wheels. The hardest part is tracking these tires and you really can’t. Just because police find [them], it’s hard to track them back to the dealership.”

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