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Woman With Runny Nose Discovers It Was Actually Brain Fluid Leaking Out


Woman With Runny Nose Discovers It Was Actually Brain Fluid Leaking Out

A Nebraska woman who suffered for five years with a runny nose discovered that the “mucus” was actually brain fluid. 

According to the Daily Mail UK, Kendra Jackson suffered from an unstoppable runny nose and headaches which prevented her from working and spending time with her nine grandchildren. For years, numerous doctors diagnosed her with allergies.

The runny nose became unbearable to the point where Jackson contemplated suicide. Furious with the ailment, Jackson went to seek medical advice at Nebraska Medicine where a doctor became the first to test the fluid. Results revealed that cerebrospinal fluid was leaking from her brain.

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A few weeks after the test results, doctors performed a minor surgery to correct the runny nose. Jackson also stated that the ailment caused her to lose the ability to smell and she constantly tasted salt in the back of her throat. 

She says the pain didn’t bother her but so much of the constant fluid leaking from her nose. The runny nose occurred after she was in a car accident where she hit her nose on the dashboard and suffered from a broken shoulder. The car accident occurred two and a half years ago.

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‘I was so healthy up until I had the car accident’

Jackson worked as an EMT driver but stopped working due to the painful migraines. She describes the pain as being hit with a sledgehammer. 

‘My body was changing, my lifestyle was changing. I couldn’t sleep, I can’t smell and I had to carry a box of tissues with me everywhere.’

When Jackson arrived at Nebraska Medicine, she sought treatment from Dr.Christine Barnes. Barnes tested the fluid after Jackson described her symptoms. She concluded that the fluid could have come from her brain or spine.

Dr. Barnes performed a minimally invasive surgery on April 23 to repair the hole in Jackson’s nasal cavity. If Jackson did not seek immediate treatment, she would’ve contracted meningitis.

Jackson says the surgery changed her life for the better and she expects more positive outcomes.

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