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Tennessee Man Shoots Home Intruders With An AK-47


Tennessee Man Shoots Home Intruders With An AK-47

A Memphis homeowner took justice into his own hands and shot two home intruders with an AK-47.

According to WMC, the unidentified homeowner came home and saw the two would-be robbers inside of his home Friday evening. He described the sequence of events to the local news outlet:

“I see my house being ransacked and the dog was still going hysterical in the cage. When he saw me he notified the other individual that was with him, ‘hey, they are here.’”

The two men pulled out their guns while the homeowner grabbed his assault rifle out of the closet and he began to shoot them. Both men died at the scene.

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They were identified as 17-year-old Demond Robinson and 28-year-old Azell Witherspoon.

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The man explained he had every right to defend his home and life.

“I don’t know what’s going on but I know I’m going to defend my life to the best of my ability,”

The homeowner presented surveillance footage to police to prove his actions were in self-defense.

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