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14-Year-Old Shot To Death By Friend Over Jordans

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14-Year-Old Shot To Death By Friend Over Jordans

14-Year-Old Shot To Death By Friend Over Jordans

A teen’s life has been cut short after being shot to death by a friend following a fight over a pair of Jordans.

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According to the Daily Mail, Treaujalaune Lornes, from Colorado, was gunned down by a juvenile, who cannot be named, in a house near Cook Park last week. The teens’ sister Tyquajanna said her brother had been at the car wash near Washington High School when he and a friend began quarreling over Jordans, before continuing the argument at a nearby house.

It’s not exactly clear what was said between the boys but the juvenile eventually shot Treaujalaune. However, his sister said the suspect initially blamed another teenager for the shooting, before admitting to firing the gun. She said she even spoke to the boy’s mother before she learned that he was in fact the suspect. 

“She told me, ‘My son feels so bad. He cries every night and tells me that he sees Trey all over again every time he goes to sleep.’ But to wake up this morning and know that you were the one that did that to him,” she told the publication. 

The suspect is currently being held for manslaughter, second-degree assault, three counts of felony menacing, attempting to influence a public officials and juvenile in possession of a handgun, the Daily Mail reports.

Meanwhile, Treaujalaune’s family have set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money for the funeral. A candlelit vigil will be held on Friday in remembrance of the young student.

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