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145 Unmarked Graves Discovered At Florida School

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145 Unmarked Graves Discovered At Florida School

145 Unmarked Graves Discovered At Florida School

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A shocking discovery was made by ground penetrating radar. 145 caskets were discovered underground at the southeast corner of King High School campus.

The coffins were buried three to five feet deep and are believed to be a part of a mid-20th century paupers cemetery.

“These appear to be coffins or voids in the soil where coffins have decayed over time,” school Superintendent Jeff Eakins said.

According to the NY Post, records indicate that the graveyard had 250 people, who were primarily African Americans. 77 are believed to have been kids.

“I am sick of this,” said Yvette Lewis of the NAACP,  “ it hurts … that we can be thrown away and nobody tells our history.”

As of now, that portion of land has been seized and is currently being examined by medical examiners and archeologists who will determine whether they should hand it back to the school district.

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