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Man Facing Jail Time For Savagely Beating Chihuahua



Man Facing Jail Time For Savagely Beating Chihuahua

A man may face 2 years behind bars for beating a poor Chihuahua to a bloody pulp!

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28-year-old Dwayne Smith attacked on February 21st, 2017 while Pooches was walking with its owner in the Bronx. Selida Gomez said that he kicked her dog “with such force that she observed it fly across the sidewalk, hit a cement wall, fall to the ground and lay motionless,” per the criminal complaint. According to court papers, the pup was beaten so badly that one of its eyeballs were nearly hanging out if it’s eye socket. The pet had one bleeding eye “bulging out of (its) socket” which prompted it to be surgically removed.

Smith has been notorious for ditching his court dates since pleading guilty to aggravated cruelty to animals last year.

“He also did not appear for his probation interview,” Bronx Supreme Court Justice April Newbauer said on Wednesday.

“I’m going to issue a bench warrant this time.”

He is expected to be sentenced to two years behind bars. His lawyer, legal aid attorney Maxwell Gould declined to comment.

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