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Beyoncé’s Company Sued By Blind Woman Over Accessibility Issues



Beyoncé’s Company Sued By Blind Woman Over Accessibility Issues

Uh oh! Parkwood Entertainment has a lawsuit on their hands from a blind woman whose argument is based on accessibility issues.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Mary Conner, a blind woman from New York, is suing Parkwood Entertainment because she cannot visually experience Within the documents, Conner is said to have “no vision whatsoever” and millions of other visually impaired people are unable to fully use the superstar’s website without help.

Her attorney argues that music transcends between the blind and the sighted. The plaintiff “dreams” of one day attending a Beyoncé show and experiencing her music “in a live setting.”

“However, when she browsed the website, she encountered numerous barriers which limited her accessibility to the goods and services offered on the website,” Conner’s attorney said.

Conner refers to as an “exclusive visual interface” that limits her access to the site’s features.

“Web accessibility requires that alt-text is coded with each picture so that a screen-reader can speak the alternative text while sighted users see the picture. There are many important pictures on that lack a text equivalent. As a result, Plaintiff and blind customers are unable to determine what is on the website, browse the website or investigate and/or make purchases.”

Beyonce’s production company, Parkwood Entertainment, have yet to respond to the lawsuit. We will keep you updated.

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