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WWE’s Priscilla Kelly Branded “Disgusting” After Forcing Used Tampon Down Opponent’s Throat 

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WWE’s Priscilla Kelly Branded “Disgusting” After Forcing Used Tampon Down Opponent’s Throat 

Priscilla Kelly’s stunt from December’s Suburban Fight has gone viral after many are disgusted with what went down in her match.

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WWE Mae Young Classic competitor Priscilla Kelly shocked many after she pulled out her tampon and stuffed it down her rival’s throat during a match. WWE is known for their outlandish stunts but this one is receiving more backlash than usual.

Former WWE star Gail Kim tweeted about the stunt, calling it “a disgrace.”

“I’m seeing this post of a women’s match that got disgusting and I’m not gonna repost it Bc it’s seriously a disgrace.

“Why??? Whoever thought that was a spot that was gonna get a pop and was worth it….. NO. how about telling a story in the ring with your wrestling instead?

DX icon “Road Dogg” Jesse James commented:

 “This stuff is the reason some people despise our industry. It’s got nothing to do with ‘taking life seriously’ it’s about dignity and personal pride. She obviously has none!”

Kelly soon noticed the uproar and attempted to tweet her side of the story.

“Hey guys. Ya know, it’s all fake. 21+ show with a bar. Can’t take life so serious all the time.”

“A penis is funny and awesome. A vagina is disgusting and trashy. #Equality?”

Kelly’s big break came from her appearance on the reality TV show “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding“. Ever since changing over from the “Gypsy Princess” persona, she now has a more dark look and is known as “Hell’s Favorite Harlot”. Amidst the backlash, there were some fans sticking up for her.

“Dear @priscillakelly_ I get it Its Mr.Socko female cousin Ms.Stinkflo. Whatever it takes to entertain. You, my dear, are HARDCORE”, one user wrote.

“I’m pissing at how upset this is making folks. Joey Ryan flips guys with his d–k. Rikishi used to rub his unwashed fat ass in people’s faces.

“Hot Lesbian Action. Live Sex Celebrations. Staple guns to the forehead ffs. And THIS is where people go ‘oh no no, this is too far.’”

Socialites, do you think she went too far or are you here for the bloody stunt? Let us know in the comments below!

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Watch the viral match below:


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