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E-Cigarette Explodes During American Airlines Flight To Chicago

Daily mail


E-Cigarette Explodes During American Airlines Flight To Chicago

Chaos ensued when an e-cigarette battery overheated and exploded during an American Airlines flight on Friday evening.

According to the Daily Mail, the crew on Flight 168 from Las Vegas to Chicago had to put out a small fire inside of the plane’s cabin on December 4. Authorities reported that none of the 144 passengers or crew were injured during the small fire.

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A statement was released by an American Airlines spokeswoman in light of the e-cigarette explosion.

‘”We are thankful for our flight attendants who quickly put their training to use to keep our passengers safe.”

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A similar incident had occurred on an Air China flight when a passenger smoked an e-cigarette and accidentally turned off the air conditioning system. He then turned it off to prevent the smoke from spreading into the passenger cabin. As a result, the aircraft dropped 20,000 feet.

#PressPlay to watch the video below to learn about why e-cigarettes are banned from airplanes. 

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Source: The Daily Mail

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